B612 – Beauty & Filter Camera

B612 – Beauty & Filter Camera to see popular sites that can change your face or convert a beautiful animal, you can filter the brightness and style of the delicate day to prepare for the screen of B612 – Beauty & Filter Camera
– Helps effects in real time to capture the whole scene while shooting first
– Insert colorful images, modern page plans and easy-to-use slides, full screen filters
– More filters, food, clocks or other guns are cheaper

– Fast access to the filters used when you like and always. – Easy to create quality music videos. Add photos to videos only in B612 – Beauty & Filter Camera
– A variety of effects and images, bringing live life directly

– In the girl’s lifestyle, using Star’s real features, her friends are some of the available tools.
Record the frequent video boom, using tools to change existing images.
– See the best resellers calling with friends
Create a new body. E Easy to cut your hips. Your most beautiful photos. No pretty legs Find beautiful feet, built in seconds! Light – different light and more. Illegal results as row limits.
– Solve resolution for clear and clear images. Different types of water sources. Eye development attracts eyes. Add a good result in different colors and artistic behavior.


– Page media, animal crown, beautiful heart, magazines, wallpapers, alphabets, messages, greetings and more! Write support and writing features. Different fonts in the text. Now you can choose the photo as a wallpaper B612 – Beauty & Filter Camera B612 – Beauty & Filter Camera
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– Korean, English, Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Portuguese, Russian, Indonesian, Turkish and Vietnamese.

B612 – Beauty & Filter Camera



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