Blossom Blast Saga

Blossom Blast Saga is a new game from the legendary producer Candy Crush Saga. New sweets, more divine combinations and stimulating game modes are filled with purple soda! you can play completely for free, but it is necessary to pay for game items such as extra moves and life. King combined the Blossom Blast Saga into soda to create the sequel to the exciting Blossom Blast Saga. A game with 75 sweet levels is what you get when you come to the world of sweet new soda candies from King.


Play your site through dance-play Saga on Candy Crush to Saga and Hero Saga Right! They hold colorful colors such as beautiful and clean flowers. To activate a single or multiple connection to the Internet. Combine other flowers to eliminate what seems to be. Search for any date and play through great and awesome game!

Blossom Blast Saga, an attraction that many players love, is the graphics. The game is built with a lifelike and realistic 3D image that is always hungry, watching real sweets. In addition to the live sound effect, players want to explode in the air when excited by a nice win. Each screen is a new challenge and the game is always exciting as players give the pleasure of exploring and conquering new heights.


Add flowers to build them: Simple, easy to play with beautiful games to read, but it’s difficult to drive
Use beautiful horses in a beautiful field
– Add 3 or 2 of the same type in combination with the flowers, Cut flowers and look for “beautiful flowers”! And the game “story” succeeded, Puzzle and color games: Collect beautiful flowers and add more than 600 ratings. Surprisingly, such as flowers, stadiums and theaters

– 4 puzzle games: Collect the color techniques: combine different flowers in this series
Bloomfields: 3 disagree with the same color. Remove permanent solution: Place mushrooms around the flowers and remove from the field. Bud Buds: Add flowers with beautiful flowers near the flowers or other flowers.



Last but not least, a big THANK YOU goes out to everyone who has played Blossom Blast Saga!

Blossom Blast Saga


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