CrossFire: Legends

CrossFire: Legends spirit srojargar available on mobile phones, including SMART Spitamen, 3D 3D 3D 3D animations and sounds. Turn off the PC player. Types of services and services
Length of work: 5v5 PvP, PvE, many players learn to relax and attack Melee’s surprise, enemy maps and even bombings … THAT’S swimming swimmer than ever before.
CrossFire: Legends – the official mobile version of the fight, played SmileGate and Tencent. Send a message directly to mobile phones. Crossfire trains for 300 million worldwide while you are now enjoying the competition and work their team!

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4K solution and up to 60 bits in each beautiful part of the chart. Easy monitoring gives you good information.
ancient maps: minimize waste, wilderness hurricanes, sailors, merchandise vessels, and military bases … and a variety of interesting games: the world’s most popular, protective, death is a subject and hide some specificity and search.
Barrett, AWM, AK47, M4A1, Agg and so on. change the color and increase the ability to fight will improve.
Ready, aim, and light! Join your friends in battle! Dance Radio, Get experience in real war, Exactly unique. Check all places and go to everyone. Compatible with works almost any device. Simple installation but HD quality. Source: Daily shopping and guests
It is used to purchase products and packages, Daily and gemstones,It is used to purchase products and packages. Use these weapons and accessories. Change weapons and equipment into grocery stores
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crossfire legends
The professional online webcams FPS FPS online in Vietnam is regularly conducted, with a wide range of features. Discard cybernetics, strangers and homes!
– The best playback game is played back
– New types of games: Ghost, Parkour, Zombie, Zombie Lula Lan Long.
– A lot of new maps: winter, good hotel, new hotel, year …
– New number: Sonoko, Fox 2017, Rosa 2017, Venus
– And some weapons or devices promise hard work for Game Game equipment.



For your friends, CrossFire fables come to the battle!

CrossFire: Legends


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