Foodie – Camera for Life

Foodie is a camera app specializing in cuisine, style and selfie. Taking photos and editing photos on your phone is always one of the most popular tricks Foodie – Camera for Life on Android and iPhone. However, those who like to take good pictures do not miss out on how to use Foodie to take and edit beautiful pictures, Foodie is currently the most professional snack food app.Live according to your style.The Foodie camera app is an indispensable partner for today’s social networking enthusiast.

Learn how to add spices quickly and fun for a great experience with a perfect meal.

With free foodie you will be loved from the first photo as a captivating user with clearly noticeable color, highlights with subtle images as well as borderless photo editing.
With Foodie, you can add a “clear background” effect that blurs the scene, and the target is highlighted when you take food. Therefore, your food will bring an extreme appetite.


– 30 or more high-quality specialty filters
Delicious, Positano, tropical, picnic, sweet, fresh, BBQ, romantic, brilliant and Chewing Chains
Intelligent, easy to use and intuitive navigation capabilities let you capture food from the top down.
Please capture the perfect atmosphere and atmosphere when taking pictures of the above dishes. Added video tuning as an attractive animation filter, Capture live video of cooking trips.
– Fix bitter masterpieces scenes
Use varied filters and detailed editing functions ranging from fascinating charm to warmth of movie cameras to vividly reproduce pictures. The watch captures the perfect moment. It is suitable for desired gonzo images. Mute options
Use this option when taking pictures of selfie picture or food in a quiet restaurant. Share photos with social networks.



In addition to the Foodie application, other cameras are needed using B612 and Snow. Instagram, LINE, Facebook, Cacao Talk, WeChat, VSCO, Weibo etc. Easily share! Related application

Foodie – Camera for Life



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