Free Fire

Free Fire is the most popular shooter on mobile devices.The player does not have much time, every 10 minutes you can fight against other 49 players to survive. The player can choose the space for the parachute, the ground, take up objects in the fight against other players. The aim of the player is to stay in the security circle for as long as possible. In addition, the player has many tactics to choose from: card control and combat to avoid, hide, or for all the peppers in the room … have been invisible: “Long live the legendary”.

In the case of a Halloween game there will be a special update! This Halloween season will bring you a lot of new content that includes a new vision of cards, items and special types of games. Standard Survival Shooter. Search for weapons, survive in a safe place, shoot and defeat the enemy is defeated when trying to find the public more “good” and stay away place. bombarded, the main goal is to become the last survivor – the legend

-For 10 minutes 50 people fight for their survival, their chills and their charm.
After 10 minutes, do you know who the last survivor is and has the power to become legendary? Team members fight together

Create a team to fight together, join up to 4 people and contact others through the voice chat system. Discover and fight with your friends to become the last band to live and become legendary. The live graphics are live, but very fluid
The graphics are incredibly realistic, lively, but very fluid and easy to control. We definitely offer you the best mobile survival game.



Choose a nickname and enter the world of Free Fire – superhuman Blockbuster, which the whole world knows its name.

Free Fire


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