Helix Jump

Game Helix Jump has the task of controlling the ball so that you can continue continuously, you need to move a tower to block the ball without touching the available obstacles, a game that is easy to play and attract. Through the challenges of the game, we can earn more rewards and earn gold and gold so that we can buy the costumes for our ball to make it attractive and boring, solid. When you fall down at the same time, your score will multiply, which means you will have a lot of holy wow, hesitant, invite friends and even tap jump, so together, create a reward, for the winner with the highest score.

Games Helix Jump can connect to social networks such as facebook and google, making it easy to connect with friends, and to play, and so on. The game is full, you do not want to leave, use your smart eyes and quick hands to show you are the best of the brain.

With a sharp screen that easily becomes difficult, many challenges seem impossible to win if the hand is slow. Please see the comments for the audience on the internet.Jay said: “I’m a real player, a regular player from the beginning of the game so far, who really does not really look, really nice”
“Extreme and enjoyable games, depression-reduces but sometimes are largely blocked by obstacles,” Hoang said.
“It’s a good game,” says Jay, “but the latest revival added to a gun when it was lost, somehow irritating me.”



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Helix Jump


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