Heroes Arena

Priority of Praise HEROES ARENA is the most popular and most popular online gaming game dedicated to managing mobile devices, focusing on the destruction of Sports, fun and never delayed! Enjoy PVPs as well as 1v1, 3v3, 5v5 and multiplayer multiplayer games, join the family to win and win the winner! Choose your favorite player, jump and talk with your friends to succeed, based on the maps that make great pictures to protect turtles, beasts, and the tower. machine selection and winning! Download and Join HEROES ARENA


– The Online Series Series in the multiplayer mode, the automotive industry is automatically integrated into its team.
Simple and easy to use information shows a full number of hair but can be fully applied.
– Increase special instructions, such as placing cuts, body, first capabilities, and other elements that allow hell to overcome the opposition. manually. There is nothing to buy tools at home can buy war at any time and attack the enemy with new power! Compatible and interpreting translations allow the team to work and edit without breaking the print quality.


History and accessibility record lets you focus on war using the promotional phone, and share your victory with others.
– The Heroes Arena is free and has 20 characters designed for special technical skills and rest.
– Each team has 5 special skills, including Ultimate Hero Skill and three skills. See 6 types of heroes, including Shaman, Radiation, Commitment, Roller Soldier!



– Different attempts to make warriors unique and unique in the competition. All new programs are deleted.

Heroes Arena


Vainglory 5v5