Sky Garden Mobile: Farm in paradise

Sky Garden Mobile is a farm game that offers a whole new way to play and has many more features than other games in the same category on the current social network. The game was officially launched at the end of December 2010 and in just one month, the number of games recorded reached nearly 2.5 million. From the “Jack and the Beanstalk” fairytale, FireBat Studio turns the plot into actionable missions in the game, to create a multiplayer appeal and appeal.

sky garden mobile 1
The highlight of the game is that the game has a very beautiful and lively interface that gives the player the pleasure of exploring the cloud. All NPC of the game such as flowers and fruit trees are customized with a sweet and intimate atmosphere. To conquer, the player can set many goals to conquer the game and emulate with friends. Or people want to enjoy the holy things of the giant associated with the “Jack and the Bean” story with more clouds.

Sky Garden Mobile 2

In addition to the integrated games on social networks, Sky Garden Mobile is highly interactive, so each player can visit and friends can plant trees and perform difficult tasks in the game. In addition to the gaming system, many beautiful decorative objects, fashionable and cute pets are diverse and unique, with diverse local flowers and plants.

Planting and Harvesting: At each level players will be planted different species. At the end of the development period, the trees will give you gold coins and players will continue to grow the trees you want to collect. The game is played in “real time” mode, and the tree keeps growing if you do not play or shutdown. Insect – worm system: In games insects are harmful if plants are attached long time. However, these are essential materials for players to upgrade pots and do daily tasks. In order to catch the worm, the player must purchase the correct type of racket.



The player needs to many gold coins, magic water bottle and cloud glue to open this cloud.

Sky Garden Mobile: Farm in paradise


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