Zombie Tsunami

Zombie Tsunami is a fun game that brings relaxing moment to players through a combination of high-quality sound and images and fast and rhythmic game play. With Zombie Tsunami you can play games on a variety of operating systems like Android, IOS, Windows Phone, Windows etc …

Zombie Tsunami or Zombie Carnaval are “nonstop” type games that have attracted many players for a long time. In the game, you will start running in one zombie. When you earn enough money while playing, players can go to two or five zombies and increase the opportunity to eat more people as soon as they enter the nonstop race. These zombies will chew people and their zombies. The more you have the opportunity to eat more gold, the more you push a car with many people, the more opportunities you play at the same time.

– Move and create many zombies along the way
– Obstacles such as cars, buses, tanks … eat meat, Obstacles, controlling the zombie army from deep holes
– Support more than 300 tasks from difficult to difficult, Win various medals and trophies
– Ninja General Ninja, Balloon, Bomb, Huge High Level Upgrade, High speed playback speed, quality of audio and video.

Along the way, a special box gives your army special abilities at a limited time, such as flying, golden armor and ninja. In addition, you need to perform tasks when collecting 5 zombies. Complete these tasks, collect more points and improve the level. Game also plays the opposite role. It is a player who transforms into a zombie and eats human meat in the street. Each class of zombies turns into a different wave, go there and swim there. Which was originally a zombie. After that, the player had to move to the city, attack the human beings, turn it into a zombie, and continue to make a zombie huge army.



However, Temple run is not limited to players, while the zombie tsunami has all the doors, the player must run forever and earn as many points as possible.

Zombie Tsunami


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